February 13, 2014 09:00 AM

Kevin Grow wanted to help his team any way he could.

The Pennsylvania high-school senior, who has Down syndrome, had served as the manager for Bensalem High School’s basketball team, but despite winning multiple golds in the Special Olympics, had never gotten the chance to play during his four years on the job.

Until Friday, that is.

To celebrate Grow’s dedication to the team, coach John Mullin put him in during the fourth quarter of the season’s penultimate game. In 90 seconds of action, the teen notched a free throw, a steal and a field goal – rate stats that, small sample size aside, would rank him among the top high-schoolers in the state.

The next night, he topped himself. Coming in during the final two minutes of the fourth quarter, Grow nailed four three-pointers – including a buzzer-beater – on his way to a game-leading 14 points.

Bensalem won, 64-40.

“It was exciting enough just to see him walk out on that court and have his moment,” Kevin’s mother, Dorothy Grow, told Philadelphia’s 6ABC. “But the fact that he was hitting those shots, it’s still unbelievable.”

See Grow’s string of three-pointers above, and then read the story of one high-schooler’s surprise college acceptance news.

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