K-Fed gets the VIP treatment, but has his mind on messaging, PEOPLE reports

By Jon Warech
Updated November 16, 2006 12:50 PM

Eight days after Britney Spears filed for divorce, Kevin Federline arrived in Florida via tour bus and went directly to a luxurious townhouse on Aqua Allison Island, an island near South Beach, sources tell PEOPLE.

The rapper’s Miami visit will include his hosting a Friday night party at South Beach club Mansion alongside friend DJ Irie, who appeared with Federline at the Teen Choice Awards and can be seen in the “Lose Control” video.

K-Fed’s scheduled appearance was confirmed by a club spokesperson. The hosting arrangement was planned before the divorce, and a source close to Federline says he’s sticking to the commitment.

Early Thursday morning at 12:50 a.m., Federline – along with a male posse and two bodyguards – partied at Glass, the club connected to the long-popular South Beach restaurant The Forge, where they hung at a corner table. Federline, sporting a white T-shirt, white Yankees cap, jeans and a gold chain, danced a bit but spent most of his time smoking and text-messaging.

After an hour that included his being approached by two attractive females (one blonde and one brunette), Federline and company headed to Mansion, where he had hosted a party in June when he and Spears last visited Miami together.

This time at Mansion he hung out in the VIP area – where the same two women from Glass approached him. Only Federline seemed more interested in text-messaging.