The Entourage star says the video will pay homage to Goodfellas

By Mark Dagostino
November 03, 2008 04:45 PM

Entourage star and budding director Kevin Connolly has signed on to direct a music video for The Game and Ne-Yo, he reveals exclusively to PEOPLE.

“I got hired on Wednesday and we’re shooting on Tuesday. I’ve been scrambling around all weekend!” Connolly says, laughing about the pace of the video-making industry. “It’s fun because the turnaround is quick. You shoot it, you edit that week, and a week later Game will have his video. It’s amazing.”

The video for the song “Camera Phone” will pay homage to Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, Connolly notes. “He’s gonna be dressed up in suits and that kind of thing. I just want to make this different than anything he’s ever done.”

Just a few weeks ago Connolly attracted attention while directing another music video for the band Blackcowboy – starring supermodel Gisele Bündchen. “That was complicated,” he says. “Gisele walking down Melrose [Avenue in L.A.] doesn’t make for easy movement with the paparazzi. I’m in the business, I feel the paparazzi, but that was on a whole other level.”

Connolly, who directed the 2007 feature Gardener of Eden, says music videos are turning out to be a great outlet for his desire to direct. “The Entourage schedule is so tight, it doesn’t allow time to get involved in movies Music videos are great because it’s a directing fix for me. And they’re very creative, too. You can pretty much do whatever.

The new video could be out in as little as a week, adds Connolly. “It’s gonna be fun,” he says. “It’s intense, and a lot of work though.”