The actor's new online network will highlight celebrities' philanthropic efforts


Kevin Bacon remains a bit mystified by the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” parlor game, but he’s decided to put it to good use – for charity.

On Friday, Bacon will officially launch, an online network that gives visitors a chance to learn about and donate to celebrities’ pet charities, USA Today reports.

“People pick up celebrity magazines to see how people dress, which handbags are hot, which cars to buy,” Bacon tells the paper. “Why not look at what (celebrities) care about?”

Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson and Kanye West are among the A-listers who have already agreed to be featured on the site.

Users can collect celebrities’ icons, or “badges,” and attach them to e-mails or Web pages – and create their own badges to link to their favorite charity. Bacon has pledged to personally match the donations (up to $10,000) of the first six users who create badges.

Bacon, whose wife Kyra Sedgwick won a Golden Globe on Monday for her TNT drama The Closer, has long been ambivalent about the “six degrees” game. In 2003, he told PEOPLE, “I joke that my epitaph will be, ‘No Oscars, but at least he had a game named after him.’ ”

But as he thought about how to get deeper into philanthropy, he realized he could make the game work. Inspired by Paul Newman’s charitable line of foods, he tells USA Today, he thought: “What do I have that’s not salad dressing?’ The thing that I am most connected to is this game.”