The pop star has been embroiled in a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke, whom she claims abused her
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Kesha’s day in court and the #FreeKesha protest have been rescheduled for Feb. 19.

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old singer expected to learn if she could record new music in the midst of an ongoing legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. However, the injunction hearing in New York was rescheduled for Feb. 19 due to “travel problems” caused by weather, Kesha explained via Twitter on Monday.

As a result, a fan rally outside New York State Supreme Court was also pushed back. “Tears because I know my animals spent time and money and love and effort to come support me and I cannot help in any way,” Kesha explained via Instagram on Monday. “I’m so sorry. I just spent the past hour reading about everyone and how much effort they went to to come and I’m heartbroken and I’m so sorry;((( I wish I could control this somehow but I can’t and it’s so frustrating…”

Michael Eisele, who runs the @keshatoday Twitter account, has been organizing a fan-fueled movement to have Kesha released from her recording contract with Sony and Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records in light of her abuse allegations against him. “The protest is being organized in conjunction with a Care2 petition signed by over 111,000 people demanding Sony #FreeKesha,” a statement obtained by PEOPLE reads. “The Care2 petition has amassed support from Kesha fans, Kesha’s mother [Pebe Sebert] and even comedian Margaret Cho.

In October 2014, the “TiK ToK” singer filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, claiming he sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her. Dr. Luke countersued for defamation, saying Kesha and Sebert had attempted to extort him. One year later, she filed a request for a preliminary injunction, claiming there’s a “grave risk of irreparable harm if she continues to be prevented from working.”

In anticipation of the protest, the pop star recorded an emotional rendition of “Amazing Grace,” which was uploaded to Eisele’s YouTube account on Saturday. “Good morning everybody. I love you guys, more than you will ever know,” she says in the video. “I can’t put out new music, but I can sing a little something of someone else’s songs or something that exists.”

“I’m dying to put out music, I’m like dying, literally,” she told Entertainment Weekly in October. “But while I can’t, I’m just gathering ideas and just praying for the day to come soon that I can put out music.”

She continued: “It’s all over the place. I have no idea what it’s going to sound like. All I know is I have a lot to write about. There’s so much to say right now. Nothing to speak of for sure yet, but just pray for it.”