Kesha Thanks 'Trustworthy and Loyal' Friends, Warns Fans to 'Weed the Shady' People from Their Lives 'Before They Bite'

The singer is still embroiled in her lawsuit with longtime producer and label exec Dr. Luke

Photo: David Becker/Getty

Kesha warned her followers to get to know people’s “True Colors” before letting them into your life.

On Monday, the singer, 29, posted a selfie with one of her cats, Mr. Peeps, on Instagram, thanking her friends for their allegiance in the caption.

“mr peeps taught me about unconditional love. I adore my little trash cat. I am also so happy I have some people in my life that are trustworthy and loyal,” Kesha wrote. “weed the shady f—ers out before they bite. trust me.”

The appreciative, albeit cautionary, post comes as the singer is still embroiled in a lawsuit with her longtime producer Dr. Luke, 42. Kesha wants out of her contract with the Kemosabe Records label exec, alleging in 2014 he drugged, raped and abused her; Luke (born Lukasz Gottwald) vehemently denies the claims and is suing for breach of contract and defamation.

While a New York judge dismissed Kesha’s abuse claims in April, one contract-related claim is still active in New York court, and similar lawsuits are ongoing in California and Tennessee.

Despite the ongoing litigation, Kesha has released new music (a re-recording of EDM star Zedd’s 2015 track “True Colors”) and made her first televised performance since the lawsuit began.

On May 22, she performed a stunning cover of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me, Babe” with Ben Folds at the Billboard Music Awards. But the triumphant return almost never happened: After Kesha agreed to the show, Dr. Luke’s label revoked their permission, only reinstating her into the lineup when she agreed not to address the lawsuit.

“One of the classiest things about what she did … was that it wasn’t about drama – it was just about music,” Folds told PEOPLE after the performance.

Folds, 49, and Kesha have been friends since before she broke out with her first single “TiK ToK” in 2010. The veteran singer-songwriter says despite her legal battle, his pal is in a positive place.

“She’s dealing with it all with incredible grace,” Folds added in his interview with PEOPLE last week. “I think she’s holding up really, really well … She’s dealing with it the way a real artist deals with it, which is through her art. She’s dealing wonderfully, and that’s because she’s concentrating on her art and not the circus.”

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