By Tim Nudd
Updated December 01, 2020 11:02 PM
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Kerry Washington has graced countless magazine covers including a recent issue of PEOPLE. But who knew she was the covergirl for Chess Masters and Kale Quarterly?

Those funny, far-flung – and fake – magazines were among several that Ellen DeGeneres mocked up with images of the Scandal star to surprise her during an interview airing Thursday on Ellen.

“This is a nightmare,” she says. “They’re all here.”

Amid fits of laughter, the expecting actress, 36, had comebacks to each of the magazines.

Knitting Week? “That one I’m proud of,” she replied. Chess Masters? “I worked hard for that. Thank god for my publicist for that one.”

Pantsuit Monthly

? “I’m actually the editor-in-chief of that one.” And Kale Quarterly? “Kale is really good for you,” she said. “You know I’m a Gaga fan, so when she did the meat dress, I said I would do the kale dress.”

She doesn’t talk about it on Ellen, but there is buzz about Washington’s look on a real magazine cover: the December issue of Lucky. Does it look like her?

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