Kermit Speaks Up

Animal activists Melanie Griffith, her mom Tippi Hedren (who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”), Bo Derek and Kermit the Frog were in Washington yesterday to help promote a legislative bill that would force owners of large cats, bears, apes and other exotic large mammals to be licensed by the federal government. After flirting with his co-activists, Kermit said at a news conference, “I’m a representative of the animal kingdom and we all need your help.” Kermie and the others have sprung into action because, they say, many animal owners are being mauled by out-of-control adult ocelots, wolves and tigers. The animals are suffering, too, and in some cases have to be put to sleep. As Kermit (with the aide of puppeteer Steve Whitmire) pointed out, “I, too, am endangered.” Taking one last look at Bo, Melanie and Tippi, he said, “When I go home to Miss Piggy, I’m going to be in serious trouble.”

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