The star talks about his reaction to his fan-picked entertainer of the year award

By Shelley Akers
May 21, 2008 01:55 PM

Kenny Chesney has blogged about why he criticized the Academy of Country Music’s new method for choosing entertainer of the year by using fan votes.

“To me, Entertainer of the Year is about the work that goes into it. I don’t ever want you worrying about the work; I want you living the songs, being in the moment of the music,” the star tells fans on his MySpace page.

“That was my point. Let the people who do the work, judge the work part of it … let the fans love what we do for that,” he adds.

After winning the ACM award on Sunday night in Las Vegas, Chesney told reporters backstage that the organization had turned the category “into a sweepstakes to see who can push people’s buttons the hardest on the Internet.”

Amid controversy that he was ungrateful for the title, Chesney, 40, tried to clear things up by expressing his gratitude to fans, saying: “I want to thank each of you personally for your part in this 4th Entertainer of the Year Awards. You are not just the reason we do this, you are a lot of what makes us Entertainer of the Year.”

This was the singer’s fourth consecutive win in that category, tying Garth Brooks for the honor.

Chesney also blamed the media for taking his comments out of context. “Sure, to make me sound ungrateful is a sexy way to spin this to drive viewers. It’s controversy, and that sells,” he writes.

“So please know I love you. I believe in you and the way you believe in this music, these nights we get to share, the way it call [sic] comes together when we’re together. There is nothing like the feeling of being out there with you guys and I live my whole life just for those moments. Thank you for that, because in the end, that is what matters the most to me.”