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August 12, 2008 01:10 PM

Kenny Chesney is no stranger to stadiums – his Poets and Pirates tour has been packing sports arenas all summer long. But on his way to his New Orleans concert this Thursday, he hit the football field for real.

For the second year in a row, the country superstar lived out his gridiron fantasies by practicing with the New Orleans Saints in Jackson, Miss., according to the Associated Press.

Donning a white Saints game jersey with his name sewn on the back, Chesney, who is pals with the team’s coach, Sean Payton, ran plays with the team and caught a long pass from quarterback Drew Brees.

But Chesney’s grip faltered during a couple crucial moments.

At the practice, which was open to the public, Payton told players they would get Sunday off if Chesney – who was a receiver on his Tennessee high school football team – caught a punt in two tries.

“On the first one, I totally blew it,” Chesney told the AP. “On the second one, not only were they offside, but they interfered with me.”

Luckily for the players, Chesney got a third try at redemption. As the ball landed in his hands, he juggled it – but refused to let it hit the ground.

Jubilant players whooped it up, including Reggie Bush – Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend – who winged a water bottle across the field in celebration.

Chesney in action
Rogelio V. Solis/AP

“Reggie told me I better not drop the third one because he didn’t want to practice,” said Chesney.

Payton declared Chesney “part of our team” – an honor the sports loving singer embraced.

“I quit growing too young to ever think about getting to have a shot at playing in college,” said Chesney, “so this is about as much fun I can have.”

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