Kennedy Wedding Still Pending

Despite talk that the wedding of Rory Kennedy and filmmaker Mark Bailey would take place this past weekend, church bells did not chime for the couple. They were originally set to wed in Hyannis Port on July 17, until Rory’s cousin John Kennedy’s fatal accident with his plane postponed the ceremony. Rory, the youngest daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy, has a home on Shelter Island, N.Y., between the North and South Forks of Long Island. She and Bailey were seen all over the exclusive island this wedding — in their swim suits, not wedding attire.

  • In related news, George magazine, the pet project of the late John F. Kennedy Jr., appears to have a safe future — at least until the end of this year. The Paris-based Hatchette Filipacchi media empire issued a statement this weekend saying it was standing behind George, though its decision to continue its publication “depends on the (Kennedy) family as well.” The magazine has been losing ads and readers in the past year.
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