There won’t be a statue of John Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr. near Hyannis, Mass., after all. The proposal to erect such a bronze tribute has been put on the shelf amid cries of tastelessness and historical inaccuracy. The $300,000 statue, to have been sculpted with the Kennedy family’s approval by artist David Lewis, was to have shown JFK and JFK Jr. together as grown men, when, in fact, the elder Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, when the younger JFK was a toddler. The Associated Press reports that the Town Council of Barnstable, Mass., in which Hyannis is located, had approved plans to place the statue near the harbor, but that the local Cape Cod Times editorialized against the remembrance. As artist Lewis told the AP of the work he proposed: “It’s artistic in nature, it’s not literal, but some people have problems grasping this, apparently.”