The new mom, whose husband plays for the Colts, will host a bash at a Miami nightclub

By Mike Fleeman
January 29, 2010 03:35 PM

After saying home with her baby, it’s almost time for Kendra Wilkinson to put back on her party dress.

Passion Nightclub in Miami “is where I’m throwin my partayyyyyy,” the Kendra star writes on Twitter of her plans for Super Bowl week. “And, yes, family will be watching the baby that night. LOL.”

Husband Hank Baskett plays for the Super Bowl-bound Indianapolis Colts, making for some friendly rivalry with Wilkinson’s fellow E! reality star Kim Kardashian, whose boyfriend Reggie Bush plays for the New Orleans Saints.

Responding to an Internet report that Kardashian will be driving in a monstrous bullet-proof Armor Horse Vault XXL2 Limousine, Wilkson reveals what she’ll be cruising in to her Feb. 5 party: “Budget renta car. Lololo.”