"My body's back," the reality star tells PEOPLE

By Dahvi Shira
May 27, 2011 02:00 PM
Credit: Charles Sykes/AP

When Kendra Wilkinson was busy being on Dancing with the Stars, it meant sacrificing precious time for something else that’s very important in her life – sex.

But the former Girls Next Door star says once she got booted from ABC’s hit show, she and husband Hank Baskett started heating up between the sheets again.

“My body’s back,” Wilkinson, 25, recently told PEOPLE. “I need to hang up on my stripper pole again.”

With all the baby-making behavior, does that mean Wilkinson and Baskett are trying for child number two?

“Hank and I need a couple more drunken nights,” the Ab Cuts spokeswoman says. “We need to get drunk and have crazy sex a couple more times.”

Asked if being intimate has improved since DWTS, Wilkinson nodded and said, “Yeah, oh my god, yeah.

Aside from a new lease on her sex life, Wilkinson says she loves the way being a Dancing alum feels in general.

Participating on the show “was a perfect new start to my new life,” she says. “It really proved that I could be sexy with some clothes on. Not a lot of clothes, but it proved to myself that I can do something like this.”

“I feel like the same person I’ve always been since birth, but I have a new head on my shoulders,” she continues. “I’m a mom now. Life is different. But I’m still young. We’re still fresh. I’m just having fun, but I would never go back in time and do Playboy again. That s something I’ll leave in my past.”

Along with Wilkinson’s newfound maturity comes another memoir where she will talk about the experiences that lead up to how she feels today.

Following the success of her first book Sliding Into Home, the reality starlet says her new work “is going to be crazy. I’ve been opening up more than ever. We’re choosing a title right now.”