"Bridget's right. She was part of very special moments in my life that really meant a lot to me," Wilkinson admits

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated May 05, 2016 10:40 PM

Kendra Wilkinson is righting a wrong in Friday’s Kendra on Top.

In the upcoming episode of the WE tv series, the reality star reunites with her former Girls Next Door co-star Bridget Marquardt during which Wilkinson, 30, admits she handled the fallout of their friendship incorrectly, specifically the comments she made about Marquardt, 42, not being her friend.

“You know, I did have – as we all did, probably, a hard time transitioning into like a world outside the mansion,” the mother of two tells her former Playboy Mansion roommate. “When I was saying those things, it was more about like, trying to distance myself from the mansion as much as I could, which was the wrong thing to do.”

Although Marquardt admits she doesn’t “follow a lot of the press or the tabloids,” she did take offense to hearing about their failed friendship, especially after attending Wilkinson’s wedding to husband Hank Baskett and her first baby shower.

“When I saw things like, ‘Well, we were never friends,’ and, ‘She’s not appreciative,’ and things like that, I’m thinking all the things that we did together – like all the time at the mansion, from all the traveling around the world,” Marquardt tells Wilkinson. “We weren’t always best friends, but we definitely had each other’s back, and I definitely consider you a friend.”

Then in her confessional, Kendra admits, “Bridget’s right. She was part of very special moments in my life that really meant a lot to me.”

While Wilkinson and Marquardt’s bad blood appears to be resolved, the Kendra on Top star says her rocky past with Holly Madison is irresolvable.

“There was never a moment where I can say she felt real to me,” Wilkinson reveals during the conversation.