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November 23, 2016 08:06 AM

Kendall Jenner is a lucky girl — and she knows it.

In honor of Thanksgiving, the 21-year-old model took to her website and app to show her appreciation for her family, friends, fans and career, complete with a slew of adorable snapshots with her sisters and pals.

“My life is so blessed,” she writes. “I feel like I’m at such a great place right now, where I can truly enjoy and appreciate it all.”

Jenner started off by sharing her gratitude for her big, crazy family who double as her closest confidants.

“I’m so lucky to have the family that I do and to have such a close bond with every member of my giant family. I feel like it’s super rare to have a family where legitimately every member is one of your best friends—but we have that,” she says.

Although she admits that the Kardashian-Jenner clan has had their fair share of disagreements, they always come together.

“In the end, we always make up and are stronger for it,” she wrote. “I love all of them so much and enjoy every minute that we spend together.”

Jenner also showed gratitude for her flourishing career, thanking the designers, photographers, stylists and more who helped her succeed as a model.

“Sometimes I can’t believe that my career is even real. I have so much fun doing it that it doesn’t even feel like work,” she writes. “I truly have the career I’ve always dreamed of — and I’m only getting started!”

Sharing photos with pals Gigi Hadid and other pals, the reality star shared her thanks for her friends, many of whom just happen to be her coworkers.

“One of the reasons my life is so special is because of the friends I’ve made along the way,” she says. “They’re truly like family to me.”

Finally, Jenner gave a huge shout out to her fans for all their support and wished them a happy holiday.

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