The Gossip Girl star is getting by with support from mom

By Shruti Dhalwala
Updated September 26, 2009 11:00 PM
Albert Michael/Startraks

She may be going through a nasty divorce but Kelly Rutherford is still seeing the silver lining.

After obtaining a restraining order against her estranged husband, Daniel Giersch, earlier this week, the Gossip Girl actress put on a brave face Saturday to attend the DSW Presents: Step Up & Step Out brunch in Manhattan.

“I have it very lucky even though in my personal life right now I m going through a very challenging time,” Rutherford said. “I do know that there are women that I can help somehow because they re going through a much tougher time.”

As for her own troubles, the star, 40, is turning to her mom for support – and laughs.

“My mom’s been through it too. I mean, not in the way that I’m going through it, but she understands,” Rutherford said. “She is hysterical. She sent me that Christina Aguilera song “Stronger” and that’s when I’m laughing and crying at the same time, like, ‘Mom, I love you!’ ”

Rutherford is enjoying her time with son Hermes, 2, and Helena, her 3-month-old daughter, especially watching her son turn into a big brother.

“He gets up in the morning and he gives her a kiss and he goes tickle, tickle!,’ ” said Rutherford. “He talks about her and how she can’t eat yet, and he’s so lucky he can have ice cream, and he can’t wait to introduce her to [to it]. It’s really cute.