Kelly Rutherford returned to New York for Fashion Week after spending time with her children in Monaco and appearing in front of a judge in her ongoing custody battle

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated September 13, 2015 11:25 AM
Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Kelly Rutherford put her troubles aside for the sake of fashion on Saturday.

The Gossip Girl star attended the Son Jung Wan fashion show in Manhattan for New York Fashion Week, just over a week after facing a custody judge in a Monaco court.

Rutherford, 46, sat front row at the Korean designer’s presentation in a sleeveless, white dress.

While in Monaco, the star spent time with her children and continued her six-year legal battle to bring Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, back to the United States.

Rutherford met with a judge in Monaco last week and a new court hearing has been set for Oct. 26. Until the new hearing, the children will continue to live primarily with their father in Monaco and France.

Kelly Rutherford Opens up about Her 6-year Custody Battle: ‘I’ll Never Give up on My Kids’

Rutherford’s ideal outcome would be the right to bring Hermes and Helena home to the United States, where they were born.

“This whole time, what I’ve had to do is take an overall situation that’s so bizarre and try to keep my kids healthy. I have to keep knowing if I’m okay, they’re going to be okay. I don’t want them to be fearful,” she previously told PEOPLE. “My children ask me all the time if I am still fighting for them. I always tell them the day will never come when I say no.”