The Live with Regis and Kelly host shares tips on food and fitness

By Eileen Finan
September 25, 2008 09:00 AM

Between co-hosting Live with Regis and Kelly and being a mom to three kids, Kelly Ripa doesn’t have a lot of extra time. But in between all her activities she still manages to cook and stay fit.

The actress and TV personality shows off her toned physique on the cover in November’s Shape magazine – and shares a few of her domestic diva tips.

“I’d say 99 percent of my cooking, I’ve either learned from the guest chefs on the show or from watching the Food Network while I’m on the treadmill,” the multi-tasking mom says.

“Emeril [Lagasse] introduced me to mirepoix, which is a simple combination of chopped celery, carrots, and onion sautéed in butter or oil. It gives soups, stews, roasts – everything – a rich, delicious flavor. My pasta sauce tastes amazing now.”

Ripa, 37, also shares her current favorite workout routine: a ballet-inspired sculpting program that Ripa says leaves her feeling “so strong.”

She also says having fun while staying in shape is key. She cites her laughter-filled workouts with trainer, Tanya Becker. “After 57 minutes, you feel like you’ve worked out for four hours but didn’t notice because you were having such a good time.”