Watch Ozzy Osbourne's Daughter Aimée's New Music Video for 'Raining Gold'

Osbourne fronts a band called ARO, which just released a new single


Like father, like daughter.

Ozzy Osbourne‘s daughter Aimée just released the music video for her band ARO’s (pronounced “arrow”) new single, “Raining Gold.”

The down-tempo track features Osbourne’s ethereal vocals over broody guitars and synths, while the video finds the singer in the aftermath of a bloody accident.

Fun fact: The video director, Spencer Susser, also worked on Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness,” and “Raining Gold” features the same retro gloom.

The song’s theme – and Osbourne’s look – are mildly reminiscent of her Black Sabbath rocker dad’s work.

“I wanted the song to touch on how overwhelming and isolating it feels to be constantly misunderstood and the importance of choosing to break free from that and just believing in yourself,” she told Rolling Stone. “It’s so valuable to always try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. I hope this song reminds people of that.”

Osbourne, 31, was, of course, notably absent from her family’s early-2000s reality show The Osbournes, which shot mom Sharon, sister Kelly and brother Jack to household name status.

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