"He's amazing. He's unstoppable," she says at Wednesday's Do Something Awards

By Tim Nudd
August 01, 2013 09:00 AM
PictureGroup; Inset: FilmMagic

Newly engaged Kelly Osbourne is doing great these days – and so is younger brother Jack, she says, since he revealed a year ago that he has multiple sclerosis.

“He’s amazing. He’s unstoppable,” Kelly, 28, says of Jack, who’s a year younger, at Wednesday’s 2013 Do Something Awards in Hollywood.

“It’s like it’s not even there,” she says of Jack’s MS. “He always reminds me that it’s not just him that we’re fighting this race for. It’s the 2.1 million people living with it as well.”

Kelly, who looked radiant in a short black mini dress, was honored at the awards for charity work raising awareness for MS sufferers.

“I’ve done a T-shirt campaign for Race to Erase MS,” she says. “I’ve been going to events for years, and especially since my brother was diagnosed I’ve so wanted to be a part of the charity.”

Kelly’s fiancé, Matthew Mosshart, didn’t walk the red carpet with her, but was right behind her when she came out for the winner’s walk, carrying her handbag and gift bag for her.

It seems Kelly is still getting used to her engagement bling, as she kept playing with her ring during the red-carpet interviews.


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