Kelly Osbourne: I Don't Need a 'Boyfriend'

Kelly Osbourne has a new man in her life, drummer Matt Emerson from the British band Trash Fashion. Just don’t call him her “boyfriend.”

“I think you have to know someone a long time before you give them the privilege of calling them your boyfriend,” Osbourne, 23, tells the U.K.’s Grazia magazine. (In this case, Osbourne has known Emerson for less than four months – and when they first met, they were both dating other people.)

“He’s really sweet,” Osbourne says of Emerson, 25. “I met him in the club Punk and [made fun of him] because he was wearing gloves. I don’t need the validation of having a boyfriend, but I do really like Matt. We’ll just see how it goes.”

Osbourne is a little more black-and-white about other aspects of her life, including her reality TV past and her famous pals, including Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss.

On MTV’s The Osbournes, which made her famous: “It was the worst thing that could happen to a teenager. You’re not really sure about who you are or what you are and you have cameras on you 24/7 and the whole world telling you you’re a fat brat.”

On Winehouse: “The thing is, I talk straight. I don’t say, ‘Look Amy, you’re just fantastic.’ I say, ‘Amy, you have a problem. I’m here for you, for when you are ready to deal with it.’ I’m not going to tell Amy to go to rehab because she’s not an idiot. She knows what her problem is. She knows completely.”

On Moss: “There is no way Kate will get back with Pete [Doherty]. They don’t even talk now. It was totally her decision to end it. I never told her to, because I know love is blind and no one can affect how you feel.”

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