"I think they are going to wait until next summer," the new dad tells PEOPLE

By Monique Jessen Michele Stueven
July 15, 2013 10:05 AM
Sara Jaye Weiss/StarTraks

It’s an exciting time for the Osbourne family!

Just a few months after Jack wed Lisa and became a dad to their daughter Pearl, sister Kelly Osbourne has confirmed her engagement to boyfriend Matthew Mosshart.

“I have never felt this close to another human being, ever. We’re completely in love,” the Fashion Police co-host and E! red carpet personality, 28, tells Hello! magazine. “People say we’re co-dependent but we just want to be together all the time.”

Not that the news comes as a complete surprise. In February, Jack told PEOPLE, “Yes! Kelly is engaged to Matthew, and that will be the next wedding.”

“I don’t think it will happen as quickly as mine did,” the Fuse News co-anchor and Bite Your Head Off co-executive producer said at the time. “I think they are going to wait until next summer. But yep, that’s the next marriage!”

The whole Osbourne clan seems pleased with Kelly’s beau. Mosshart, 29, works as a vegan chef (his sister Alison Mosshart is the vocalist of indie rock band The Kills).

“As long as Kelly s happy, I m happy,” family matriarch Sharon told Celebuzz. “That’s it. That s the way it goes. I do happen to adore her boyfriend.”

The bride-to-be hopes to get married at the house in England where she grew up – with her 15-month-old niece Pearl as ring bearer and her two best friends as maids-of-honor. As might be expected, the day will be a family affair with the matriarch Sharon at the helm.

“We re thinking, ‘Let s just have my mum plan it and we’ll just show up.’ She s the best at that kind of stuff.”

As for Kelly’s custom-designed engagement ring, she tells the British magazine, “I designed it to look like an earring that my father wore. I used to hold my finger up to his ear when I was little and say, ‘I want a ring like that.’ Now I have one!”