Kelly Keegs had no idea she was in for the best plane delay of her life

By Alex Heigl
Updated August 24, 2015 11:00 AM
Credit: Scott Olson/Getty

“Very sarcastic and the tallest of my friends.” That’s how Kelly Keegs describes herself on Twitter. But Sunday night, she became famous for a completely different reason. Keegs was on a flight back to New York from Raleigh, North Carolina, when she couldn’t help but notice a couple – apparently mid-breakup – in the seats across the aisle from her.

Keegs began live-Tweeting the details of their interaction, and Twitter took note, abruptly shifting its attention to the developing story for its duration. Here it is, as it occurred below, minus a few of the more profane quotes.

Keegs told Barstool Sports that the guy later spilled “the world’s biggest Bloody Mary on his khakis” and “made two flight attendants come help him clean it all up while the (ex) girlfriend continued to sob in his face.”

All told, here are her thoughts on the matter.