December 10, 2004 08:00 AM

Only 20 minutes into the hour, lawyer Jennifer Massey, 30, and software executive Kelly Perdew, 37, became the last candidates standing on The Apprentice, after Donald Trump fired Kevin Allen, 29, and Sandy Ferreira, 28, on Thursday night’s episode of the NBC reality series.

The firees were out after the quartet faced grueling job interviews with executives from Unilever, Pepsi-Cola, Bear-Stearns and the New England Patriots, and the remaining 40 minutes of the program were devoted to Jen and Kelly’s assigned tasks.

As for the firings, law student Kevin got axed because, as Trump informed him, his interviewers “didn’t see where you were going.” Jennifer and Sandy then went head to head in a replay of their boardroom argument from Week 12. Sandy walked because Trump didn’t care for her defense of herself.

After the dismissals, Kelly was sent to organize a charity polo match while Jen was appointed to produce a charity basketball tournament.

Roadblocks to both projects immediately arose – and set the stage for next week’s three-hour season finale, to wrap up in Lincoln Center, where one of them will hear the words “You’re hired” before starting work for the Trump organization at a six-figure salary.

During the season, West Point grad Kelly displayed a militaristic precision in his tasks and proved his leadership capabilities. Jen’s strongsuits were managing to fly below the radar screen (thereby not placing her head on the chopping block) and manipulating the boardroom.

Their virtues did not go unnoticed: In October, both candidates caused an offshore gambling Web site to halt betting on the show after spotting an unusual wagering pattern on Kelly and Jen from accounts originating in New Hampshire.

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