Kelly Clarkson Hints at Upcoming Album

The singer's got a new single dropping this month – and other news she shared during a Twitter Q&A

Photo: Jason Davis/Getty

Our lives would suck without her – and she knows it.

Kelly Clarkson‘s taken some time off from music – to, you know, get married and have a baby – but she announced on Twitter this weekend that new tunes are coming soon.

“People keep asking. My next album is pop. But I am always influenced by music I love, which is pop-rock/country/r&b/dance #whoknowswhatsnext,” the singer posted Saturday about her highly anticipated sixth album.

The original American Idol was coy when it came to any specifics, but here’s what we know so far: She might have” worked with Sia on the record, it’s due “soon,” the first single will drop this month and she’s hitting the road to tour again this summer.

As for the first single, Clarkson gave followers some vague hints (“2 clues for the first single ….Proof of life & Dr. Dre #TheNextEpisode”), which one fan took to mean she’s taken up rapping. The star’s response? “totally. I’m gonna be the most amazing rapper you’ve ever heard.” Whether she’s serious or not, only time will tell.

Clarkson also confirmed there’s a duet album on the album, but for now is staying mum on who she collaborates with, other than writing: “Here’s a hint ….this wasn’t our first time to sing together :)”

Clarkson released a holiday album last year and a greatest hits collection in 2012, but the upcoming project will be her first full-length studio effort since 2011’s Stronger.

Have you cracked her clue on what the first single could be? And who do you think she’ll be duetting with? Discuss below.

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