Deeply in love, the singer says this is the first holiday season she won't spend alone

By Mike Fleeman
November 20, 2012 03:30 PM
Rick Diamond/Getty

As hints go, this one wasn’t too subtle, seeing as Kelly Clarkson dropped it on national television.

Appearing Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pop star says she isn’t engaged to her boyfriend of nine months, Brandon Blackstock, but just give it a little time.

“We are totally going to get married,” says Clarkson. “We love each other. We are totally going to get married one day.”

She then holds up her hand and says, “I mean, he’s got to put a ring on at some point.” She adds: “But I’ll wait it out.”

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Asked by DeGeneres what kind of ceremony she envisions, Clarkson, 30, acknowledges, “Honestly I’ve never been the girl to plan a wedding.”

“We will totally, probably elope,” she adds.

No matter when the day comes, Clarkson is just enjoying her relationship with the 35-year-old Nashville-based talent manager (who is also the son of Clarkson’s own manager), especially during the holidays.

“This is going to sound like I’m making a joke but it is so not. It is serious,” she says. “I am not alone for the first time for Thanksgiving and Christmas – and I am very happy.”