The former model and reality star talked about her history with the Trumps – and Melania's secret beauty tip
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Former Real Housewives of New York starKelly Bensimon has known both Melania and Donald Trump for a while.

“I modeled with [Melania] a ton,” she told PEOPLE at the 8th Annual Children’s Museum of the East End Family Fair in Bridgehampton, New York, on Saturday. “She’s just the same then as she is today. Lovely, lovely, lovely girl … And a great mother. And I’ve known Donald all my life, too. I’ve worked with him a lot.”

And while Bensimon did not reveal who she would be voting for in the upcoming election, she mentioned that Donald is a “maverick.”

“Listen, my dad is from Rockford, Illinois, and he’s in love with Donald Trump because he’s a maverick and he’s going to change the world,” she said. “Some people really love him. I was here and I heard Hillary Clinton speak and she’s a pioneer on her own and is incredibly well-spoken and articulate.”

But one thing was clear: she can picture Melania in the White House.

“I think she’d be gorgeous, bring a lot of glamor,” she said, when asked about how her friend would do as First Lady. “I just think she’s really, really beautiful. She doesn’t want to be in the limelight. She loves her husband, loves her family. I really admire that, too. You don’t always have to be standing next to your man; sometimes, you can push him a little bit forward.”

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She also commented on Melania’s controversial speech at the Republican National Convention last week, when the former model was called out for using material from First Lady Michelle Obama‘s speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

“She spoke very, very well,” Bensimon said about Melania’s speech. “Especially when you’re not trained, it’s very, very, very difficult. And English is her second language. But also, when you’re in that kind of position, the speech writer, it’s really not her fault. Write a real speech, let her tell her real story. She’s hard-working, beautiful, well-raised … She’s a new American.

And before Melania started getting advised about political speeches, she advised Bensimon on how to make your skin look perfect before a date.

“She used to always tell me that before you go on a date, put honey on your skin so it’s soft and smells good,” she said. “Of course, I tried it. It smelled delicious.”