The singer's concerts begin June 16, and every few weeks he'll bring out his girls

By Eileen Finan and Stephen M. Silverman
June 10, 2011 08:50 AM
Lester Cohen/WireImage

As Keith Urban previewed his 2011 Get Closer Tour, he kept his family squarely in mind.

“When I put this tour together, I structured it so I’m only gone maybe two or three days, maybe four days, – sometimes I do four days in a row,” the country hearttrob, 43, told reporters after giving a preview of his tour for 700 people Thursday at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium.

Once his tour kicks off June 16, he said, his plan is to “go home for a day or two or three, so I’m in and out. I don t go out for weeks and weeks and weeks at a time. When we go to Canada and we do three weeks, I ll bring the girls out for some of that run.”

And, by “girls,” he’s taking about his daughters with wife Nicole Kidman: Sunday Rose, who turns 3 in July, and Faith Margaret, 5 months.

As it is, his elder child is already attuned to the finer points of touring.

“When we did the halftime show at the Dallas Thanksgiving game,” said Urban, “she was very concerned about the pyrotechnics. And it was so funny because I thought it was exciting, but she came up afterwards and said, ‘Daddy! Fire! The fire! So close to the fire!’ ”

Asked if he sings to Faith Margaret, Urban replied: “Yeah, a little bit, around the house. We have a piano and it’s a very musical house.”