Keira Knightley Misses Broadway Show After Suffering Injury

Knightly's Therese Raquin has been interrupted for the second time in a week

Photo: AKM-GSI

Keira Knightley was forced to skip out on Wednesday’s performance of Therese Raquin due to a minor injury according to multiple reports.

Not only did Knightley withdraw from the show, but it was cancelled due to her absence, the Associated Press reports.

This is the first time the Broadway show has been unexpectedly interrupted since its premiere.

Just last week, a performance was halted when a young man seated in the mezzanine stood up and started shouting as he made his way to the railing. At first, audiences were confused, trying to decide if the man was a part of the show, but it quickly became clear that his outburst was directed at the British actress.

Knightley, however, remained in character; prompting the man to get louder.

After being escorted back to his seat by an usher, the man was asked to leave by security. Not one to leave without an exit, the man threw flowers on stage before being handcuffed and led out of the theater.

According to AP, Knightley is expected to return for Thursday night’s performance.

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