The singer maps out a fun-filled evening for the pop divas to share

By Jessica Herndon
Updated April 04, 2011 03:55 PM
Credit: WireImage(2)

How should pop divas Ke$ha and Britney Spears celebrate the success of their current chart topping singles “Blow” and “Till the World Ends” – which Ke$ha wrote for Spears?

“Skinny dipping,” says Ke$ha, suggesting too that the splash could follow a spin on jet skis and a themed party they’d throw together. “It would be a dress-up-like-Ke$ha-or-Britney party,” she says. “Either her place or my place, it doesn’t matter.”

Perhaps the 24-year-old’s new Nashville pad would be the prime spot for such a shindig, especially since she’s recently installed an underwater stereo.

“I have a small, salt-water pool that has laser beams in it and a stereo so you can be under water listening to music,” says Ke$ha, who’s only had time to furnish her new place with a mattress, a Budweiser lamp and a grand piano. “It’s really magical.”

But until Ke$ha and Spears’s schedules align, Ke$ha plans to embrace her raunchy side in another way – by extending her “Get $leazy” tour into the summer months.

“I hope people are ready to come and take their clothes off,” says the singer, who will tour with electro hop act LMFAO and rapper Spank Rock on her Mad Max-inspired fete that will see her add more than 30 extra dates following her sold-out spring tour. (Details are available on her Web site.)

“The venues will be bigger and we’re going to be outside for a lot of the shows,” she adds. “It’s going to be the biggest dance party of the year.”