Keanu: Of Nudity and Kids

On a New York promotional tour this weekend to discuss his and costar Charlize Theron’s upcoming new film, “Sweet November,” the “Matrix” star, 36, revealed that some revealing shots of him and Theron ended up on the cutting room floor, including one of them together in the altogether in a bubble bath, reports “I wish that the producers hadn’t gone for a PG 13,” Reeves said of the “November” rating, “because there are certain moments in the film where the nudity, mine and hers, makes the characters much more vulnerable. And I think that, in a romance and in life, (that) is important.” Speaking of vulnerable, “There was a scene, it’s not in the film, but Charlize and I are in bed and we’re sleeping and (a child) comes into the apartment and wants to show us some of his toys that he’s made. And I remember being a kid his age and walking into . . . my mother’s room, and I was that guy that that kid saw. It was just funny to me, and made me kind of realize that, uh, I’m a man, that I could be a father, and be in that role, be there. It’s kinda, kinda cool.” Which begs a question. “You mean,” said Reeves, “would I like to have kids? Sure.”

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