September 24, 2001 11:44 AM

A combination of a lack of new screen choices, Friday’s all-star TV telethon and ongoing nervousness about the world situation kept moviegoers out of theaters this weekend, with the box office mirroring Wall Street: a rotten bottom line. Keanu Reeves, starring in the heartwarming “Hardball,” pulled in a modest ticket take, to make the Little League drama No. 1. And “The Others,” a supernatural thriller starring Nicole Kidman, actually earned more this weekend than it did last weekend. But Mariah Carey’s delayed star vehicle “Glitter” finally opened to embarrassingly awful reviews and little gold at box office. Its paltry $2.5 million earnings failed to land the movie in the weekend Top 10. But those that did make it, according to movie studio estimates, are:

1. “Hardball,” $8.2 million
2. “The Others,” $5.2 million
3. “The Glass House” $4.4 million
4. “Rush Hour 2,” $3.7 million
5. “The Musketeer,” $3.5 million
6. (tie) “Two Can Play that Game,” $3.2 million
6. (tie) “Rock Star,” $3.2 million
8. “Rat Race,” $3 million
9. “Jeepers Creepers,” $2.8 million
10. “American Pie 2,” $2.6 million

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