The "Roar" singer says she'll be fun, family-friendly and malfunction-free at this year's big game
Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

In a little over two weeks, pop queen Katy Perry will be taking center stage at half-time of the NFL’s Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, performing in front of 63,000 live fans and millions watching at home.

As we’ve all seen in the past, anything can happen at the Super Bowl, but Perry, who spoke to the Associated Press about her big upcoming gig, says she’s got things almost all figured out.

Here are five things to expect from her performance.

1. Special Guests

The singer recently announced she’s having Lenny Kravitz as a main guest on stage. But with killer collaborations like “California Girls” with Snoop Dogg and “E.T.” with Kanye West, Perry will without a doubt have other surprise stars joining her atop the 50-yard line.

2. Girl Power in Full Effect

“I’m all about female empowerment,” Katy Perry told the Associated Press this week, noting songs like “Roar” and “Firework.” And with the NFL’s controversial handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case earlier this year, Perry said, “Hopefully I can bring that incredible strength and power to people though the performance.”

3. A Show That’s Out of This World

Perry told the AP the show will present two different “worlds.” Considering the unusual modern dance video she recently cited as inspiration on Twitter, it’s hard to imagine what Perry has in store.

4. No Wardrobe Malfunctions – Hopefully

“My intention is that everyone talks about the music and nothing else,” said Perry, who’s hoping not to have moments like the Janet Jackson debacle or M.I.A.’s middle finger flash. “Sometimes you can’t control other people. But I will control myself.”

5. Kid-Friendly Fun

“Everything I’ve done in my career hasn’t been blatant this or that,” said Perry, whose millions of young fans (and their parents) should have nothing to worry about with her performance. “It’s always with a wink. It’s soft-serve sexiness.”

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