But will Right Shark get his own tattoo, too?
Credit: AKM-GSI

Whether you consider the left of Katy Perry’s two back-up sharks a great – or terrible – dancer, it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t the breakout star of Super Bowl XLIX.

If you’re one of the people who loved Left Shark, you probably don’t love him quite as much as the person who got him in tattoo form. The above image, posted to Reddit on Tuesday, elicited the exact reaction you’d expect. The top comment, “That’s going to be hilarious all the way into next week!”, sums it all up pretty well.

Of course, it’s possible that the tattoo is just a put-on for the sake of getting a reaction. Although Mashable reports that the person who posted the image also wrote, “Good friend just posted this tattoo her friend got today. Had to share the awesomeness.” Mashable has since confirmed the veracity of the tattoo, created by artist Rene Cordero of Kitchen’s Ink Tattoo in Denver, Colorado.

But for those craving a less permanent way to celebrate Left Shark, online men’s clothes shop Bonobos is claiming that it will sell shark suits inspired by Perry’s Super Bowl buddies.

You can even submit your email address for shark suit-related news updates. Again, it could be a joke but we believe.

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