The singer says she's happiest when she's doing regular things with her boyfriend, like hiking

By K.c. Blumm
Updated October 31, 2013 05:40 PM
Gavin Bond

Katy Perry‘s boyfriend might be famous, but she’s not trying to make her relationship with John Mayer into the music industry equivalent of Brangelina.

“I want to have a normal life with a normal relationship and I don’t want to be forced to just hang out in a hotel room all the time,” she tells Entertainment Weekly. The singer-songwriter, 29, says that while she shares “bits and pieces,” she doesn’t want to reveal everything about their life together.

“I keep enough to myself,” she says. “I’m going to go on dates and movies and dinners and when I do it’s not because I’m trying to garner any kind of publicity, it’s because it’s something that is just an inevitable byproduct of this life. It’s never my main focus, it’s never intentional. [My] ideal date is just dinner and a movie. It’s so normal. And a hike, we love to hike.”

The other thing she loves to do with her boyfriend – whom began dating in the summer of 2012 before breaking up and getting back together – is hang out in the recording studio together. Perry collaborated with Mayer on a song for his album, and he was there when she recorded her new album, Prism.

“I think he’s very proud of it,” she says. “He’s heard it over the process of me making it. I think his opinion is a priority for me, but also me being happy with it is probably a bit more of a priority. And also what the world thinks of it, and how boring would it be if I did censor myself and I wasn’t able to write about real-life instances? I mean, that’s just not what songwriters do – real songwriters write about their lives.”

Something else Perry’s not censoring? Her opinion of her fellow pop stars’ propensity for stripping down.

“There’s times when you see other people who, the only reason why they have success is because they’re just shock jocks, which works for a period of time,” she says. “I haven’t really taken off all my clothes yet, so I still have that card to play if I want to. I think when you play that card first, then you’re like [groans]. Yeah, I’ve done my fair share of ‘naked on a cotton candy cloud’ situation, but everything is with a wink. It’s not like, ‘Here’s my vagina.'”

But there’s another reason why she’s not ready to get naked. “Rihanna has a fantastic body,” she says. “Same with Miley – she’s got an amazing body, and they get away with so much more stuff because it looks so great. Me, honestly, I’ve got cellulite. I’m just hiding it.”

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