The singer speaks out on Twitter after a report of "torrid flirting" in the Philippines

By Liz Raftery
January 23, 2012 06:40 PM

She kissed a boy – but it didn’t mean anything.

Katy Perry set tongues wagging in the Philippines this weekend, when she pulled a local male model and actor onstage for a kiss during a concert in Manila.

But the newly-single singer, who split from husband Russell Brand in December, quickly shot down romance rumors, saying the smooch with Ivan Dorschner, 21, was just part of her act.

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A review in the Philippine Star, which first reported Perry’s “torrid flirting” with Dorschner during her show, states: “After scanning the crowd and telling the men in the audience to strip off their shirts if they wanted to come up onstage with her, she finally chose the chiselled (sic) Dorschner to give her a taste of the Philippines.”

Dorschner, 21, is a television host who appeared on the teen edition of the Philippine version of Big Brother.

The paper went on to describe his encounter with Perry, 27, as “a raunchy segment in a generally for-adults-only show.”

After the concert, which was final date of her “California Dreams” tour, Perry Tweeted: “Btw, I have *kissed* 1 boy, picked randomly out of the audience, on the cheek as a part of my show for all 125 tour dates. Simmer down now.”