See how fans have paid tribute to the pop star's instant anthem

By Alison Schwartz
Updated November 18, 2013 05:00 PM

She’s topped the charts with songs about fireworks and California girls so hot, they’ll melt your popsicles. And, no, we haven’t forgotten about her feather-ruffling ode to peacocks, either.

But it’s Katy Perry’s single “Roar” that’s truly had us (plus, you know, the entire Internet) singing along. Since its August release, the pop star has inspired many a fan to put their own spin on the instant anthem via video tributes.

As Perry’s song continues earning plenty of applause (Ha. Ha. Get it?), here are five must-watch homages – hear them roar (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!).

Boy with Autism Finds His Voice

Most of the time, 8-year-old Jack Robbins communicates only his basic needs, like “water” and “go,” reports Today. But then Robbins, who has severe autism, unleashed his roar in a November video.

Children’s Hospital Patients’ Lip-Sync

Those who were “feeling well enough to get out of bed and dance” (via Londonderry Patch) at the New Hampshire Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock gave Perry’s hit an even deeper meaning in this video that went viral in October.

Humane Society of New York Kittens Try Their Claws at It

High School Comes Together to Roar

The 2,000 students and staff from Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colo., won Perry’s “Roar” lip-dub contest and proved that we’ve come a long way since Mean Girls.

Girl with Down Syndrome Takes Center Stage

Another one of the videos selected in Perry’s October competition told the story of the strongest member on the cheerleading squad (video starts at the 1:58 minute mark).