The pop star dishes about how she stays in shape ... and how she cheats

By Melody Chiu
Updated January 29, 2013 11:30 AM
Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

How does Katy Perry get that perfectly curvy bod? With lots of hiking, a little bit of training … and the occasional double cheeseburger.

“I’ve cut out most fast food,” the popchips spokesperson, 28, told PEOPLE last week. “The only thing I stop for now is In-N-Out Burger.”

Perry, who’s been going strong with beau John Mayer for several months, also has a new work out addiction.

“I’m really obsessed with getting my steps in now,” says the songstress, who recently purchased an UP by Jawbone activity tracker. “You create a team and everybody’s competitive about who gets the best steps in and it also tracks your sleep.”

But just because she’s working out and eating healthier now doesn’t mean Perry is no longer a foodie when she’s traveling around the world.

“I do like to try all of the cuisines that are authentic to the area,” says Perry, who recently dined at the sushi restaurant featured in the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

“It was really intense,” she added. “[I] barely [finished]… with a lot of Sapporo!”