"Anybody that understands the power of music, I'm usually instantly attracted to," the singer says

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Don’t let her dating history fool you: Katy Perry isn’t opposed to non-famous suitors.

“I’ve done that before,” she told Rolling Stone of going out with regular men. “It’s not that they have to be famous, although there’s a level of understanding when they’re in the same business, you know?”

She added: “They understand what it means when you’re tired from a show or the tour’s exhausting you or if an interview went wrong – they know all the ins and outs, so you can just walk in to the house with a certain face and they understand, you know?”

Though she may prefer famous guys, the “Dark Horse” singer went on to say that what she really looks for in a man is his interest in music.

“What I really like is someone that understands music, because I love music,” she said. “So anybody that understands the power of music, I’m usually instantly attracted to.”

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The 29-year-old, who’s rumored to be dating DJ Diplo after splitting from off-and-on boyfriend John Mayer in March, added that she’s learned one very important lesson from her 2012 divorce from Russell Brand.

“Now I know – first and foremost, self-love, and then give love away,” she said. “Back then it was mostly just me giving love away with no self-love.”

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