Katy Perry: I Won't Wear Latex to My Wedding

The singer debunks wedding rumors and dishes on her British husband-to-be

Photo: Francis Specker/CBS/Landov

Don’t believe everything you read about Katy Perry‘s upcoming wedding to Russell Brand.

“I’m definitely not going to get married in latex,” she tells PEOPLE of one rampant rumor. “When I wear latex onstage, I sweat. I could wring out those dresses – and I don’t want to do that at my wedding.”

The singer, 25 – whose second album, Teenage Dream drops Aug. 24 – does, however, use her wardrobe to communicate her feelings about her fiancé.

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In June, she wore a half-U.S., half-U.K. flag to represent her union with the British actor-comedian.

“I feel very divided,” she says. “I’m half American and half English, in a way. I thought it would be fun to make a what-I-feel dress.”

Then, there’s the what-she-feels new album. “I love putting my emotions, relationships and convictions into lyrics,” says Perry. The new single, “Teenage Dream,” “is a love song,” she says. “There’s nothing like your first love.”

“When you get older you can be guarded because you’ve been hurt,” adds the singer. “When you’re a teenager, it’s all or nothing. All bets in.”

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