Katy Perry Hurting Over Breakup

The singer talks about her recent split from Travis McCoy during an acoustic set in L.A.

Photo: Lester Cohen/Wireimage

Katy Perry let all her emotions hang out during an acoustic set at L.A.’s Hotel Cafe Monday night.

“It hurts right now,” said the singer, who recently split with boyfriend Travis McCoy.

“When you breakup with someone you move on,” she said softly. “You don’t really want to move on … but you have to because they don’t give you any choice,” she added before forcing herself to declare, “But I’m over it!”

Despite battling a bad case of the flu, Perry, who promised the crowd that she’d be healthy again for her tour starting Jan. 23, performed tunes laced in heartbreak and yearning including her hit “Hot ‘N’ Cold” and a cover of Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold.”

Though she constantly looked to her friends, who were sitting just below the stage, for support, she kept a smile on her face and cracked jokes between songs.

Later, Perry warned on her blog not to read too much into her song introductions.

“I don’t give statements about my personal life,” she writes. “The stories read about the things I say introducing some of my songs are merely to explain the forthcoming song. I enjoy being myself on stage and that’s what you expect of me.”

She adds: “I have made many of the same introductions before… just lately everyone’s dissecting my every word. Understandable. When I wanna share something with the world, the world will know… otherwise, stop looking for a story, or an explanation.”

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