Katy Perry: Watching My New Movie Was 'Not Always Very Fun'

The singer says revisiting her tumultuous year in Part of Me was "not always fun"

Photo: Splash News Online

When putting together her new concert documentary Part of Me, Katy Perry revisited several memories from the past year – and not all of them were pleasant.

In the film, Perry opens up about her split from Russell Brand at the end of last year.

“It’s not always very fun [watching the footage],” Perry, 27, told reporters at the Los Angeles premiere of the movie. “It’s not like going out with your friends and having a drink and having a great time, but it’s important to show that real people sometimes have to go through things in order to achieve things. Nothing great comes easily.”

After a whirlwind few months in both her personal and professional life, Perry said she’s ready for a break.

“I think I’m going to go into a cave after this, which might be appropriate,” she joked to PEOPLE at the premiere. “It might be a little bit cooler than this. I would love to … be in a beautiful, unplugged place where there’s not a lot going on so that I can get back in tune … and hopefully write some good songs.”

A vacation would be well deserved. Perry said she was hands-on throughout the making of Part of Me, even after filming was finished.

“I didn’t give up any creative control,” she said. “I was in the edit bay every single time.”

Adds the singer: “I do everything myself. I’m a control freak.”

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