Katy Perry and Russell Brand Spoil Their Wedding Guests

Safaris, traditional Indian performances, and shopping have been part of the pre-nuptial festivities

Photo: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding won’t take place until this weekend, but the festivities have already begun!

The couple, who are staying at a resort near the Ranthambhore wild life sanctuary in India, have been keeping their guests busy with song and dance performances, shopping, and even an early-morning safari.

Though the area is known for its tiger population, according to one wildlife guard, the group who went out early Thursday morning (which did not include the singer, 25, or the actor, 35) “saw baby deer, spotted deer, blue bulls, jackals, and jungle cats.” Still, the source says, “They were thrilled.” Brand and Perry joined in the wildlife fun Friday by going on safari.

Thursday, a small bazaar was set up inside the resort – an Indian wedding tradition – where guests could buy textiles, jewelry and Indian handicrafts, or have their fortune told – by a parrot. (He picks a card based on the Indian cosmic system.)

Later, under a full moon, the wedding party was entertained by 40 folk musicians and dancers.

“Everyone was relaxing by the pool and drinking and eating Indian snacks while we performed,” said Lalit Tiwari, who had brought the troupe into Ranthambhore from New Delhi. “Towards the end, some of them came towards the stage and started dancing during the ‘bhangra’ (an energetic dance from the rural area of Punjab).”

Friday night’s plan: a Bollywood-themed performance along with a traditional mehndi ceremony – one of the most important pre-wedding rituals of an Indian marriage.

Reporting by AMRIT DHILLON

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