Plus: Find out how you can help Katrina victims

By People Staff
September 06, 2005 11:00 AM

As displaced survivors separated from families search for one another, brothers Brandon and William Addison – 18 and 20 years old and both Tulane University students in New Orleans – were in Houston for nearly a week after their evacuation when, examining a message board outside the Astrodome, they struck gold.

Standing there, looking at the board too, were their grandparents.

Ira and William Addison Sr. had escaped New Orleans before Katrina hit on Monday and had been staying with friends, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“It’s such a relief. We knew our grandparents were safe. But we were so lonely,” said young William, as his brother wiped away tears. “And we can finally get out of here to a new home.”

Reuniting victims has been difficult in the wake of the Gulf Coast crisis, but those searching for friends and relatives displaced by Hurricane Katrina can try a number of resources. The following Web sites and phone numbers can provide information for those who are looking for missing people.

The Red Cross Location List
Register yourself to let people know you are safe or register a relative you want to locate.
The U.S. government’s comprehensive list of both government and non-government outlets for helping people locate missing friends and family members.

National Next of Kin Registry
Let friends and family know you are safe, or register the name of a loved one who is missing.
CNN’s continuous message board for those who survived Katrina and wish to reach their loved ones; people may also report names of those they are searching for.
A Missing Persons database for rescuers that also offers a search tool to help find missing people, including an optional photo upload.

Yahoo’s Family Message Boards
Message boards that are broken down by city, university and relief centers.

Military One Source
For military members and their families. In addition, Military One Source is available 24/7 to answer questions and help find resources: 1- 800-342-9647. Other Military Service assistance numbers (to inquire about Military Emergency Leave or other Service-specific issues) are:

Air Force 1-800-435-9941

Marines 1-800-847-1597

Army 1-800-626-3317 Army Reserve 1-877-464-9330

Navy 1-877-414-5358

National Guard 1-888-777-7731