Fans in Los Angeles are treated to the sight of the new parents

After a whirlwind Wednesday in which he took Manhattan by storm to open his Mission: Impossible III, Tom Cruise brought something extra special to the Los Angeles premiere on Thursday: Katie Holmes.

This marked the first time in weeks that the globetrotting leading man – who’d been traveling solo – had his fianc e and mother of his 2-week-old daughter back at his side in public.

Pulling up to Grauman’s Chinese Theater behind the wheel of a black sports car with Holmes in the passenger seat, Cruise said: “We are looking forward to seeing this. This is Katie’s first night out since we had Suri.”

A voluptuous-looking Holmes, already slimmed down since the last stages of her pregnancy, was wearing a loose-fitting black cocktail dress with white pumps as she clung to Cruise while he signed autographs and posed for photos.

Referring to her weight, Holmes told one fan, “I haven’t lost that much yet.” Still, insisted the admirer, Holmes looks amazing. “Thank you,” she said. “I try to eat healthy.”

Asked by PEOPLE how it felt to be making her first public appearance since giving birth, Holmes smiled and said: “Wonderful.” And baby Suri? “Gorgeous!” she gushed.

Holmes also said that “some very good friends” were taking care of the infant – while Cruise (wearing a black suit and sunglasses) took care of Holmes, making sure she was as much a part of his night as the fans.

As the festivities continued, someone in the crowd handed Cruise a homemade gift for Suri: four, three-inch pink knitted toy blocks, each with the letters “S,” “U,” “R,” “I” knitted in white on the blocks. Clearly touched by the gesture, Cruise handed the blocks to Holmes and then tightly hugged the fan. “Thank you so much,” he said. “This is really appreciated. I love homemade gifts. Have a wonderful summer.”

Added Holmes: “Thank you. They’re beautiful. That’s so sweet. I know just where to put them.”