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August 19, 2012 08:00 PM

Despite his recent split from Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise remains focused on his family.

Before preparing for role in the action film All You Need is Kill (set to start production in a few weeks in the U.K.), Cruise, 50, spent several blissful days vacationing at Disney World with daughter Suri.

Meanwhile, Holmes recently returned from a trip to Toledo, Ohio, where the actress, 33, and Suri visited Holmes’ family and even made time for a visit to the local mall.

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Contrary to reports that this was the first time 6-year-old Suri met her cousins, a source close to Holmes says, “Katie visited Ohio with Suri many times” while she was married to Cruise.

The notion that Cruise kept Suri from her cousins is far from the truth, says a source.

“To say Tom prevented anything is a gross lie. He not only didn’t prevent [Suri having a relationship with Holmes’ family] but encouraged it and paid for it!” the source explains. “The first several birthday parties Katie and Tom threw for Suri had the family and cousins come to town – all expenses were paid for by Tom.”

Holidays were always a family affair for the couple, the source says, no matter where their filming schedules took them. Holmes and Suri spent one Thanksgiving in Toledo with Cruise’s teenage children, Bella, 19, and Connor, 17, while the actor was in Austria shooting Knight & Day and couldn’t make it home in time to join the family.

“Her entire family spent at least two Christmases with Tom and Katie in Telluride,” the source adds.

Besides celebrating holidays together, Cruise also invited Holmes’ family to a number of other activities. “[He] also invited the family – cousins included – to New Orleans this past [spring] for the Final Four.”

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