The actress makes a Friday tradition of treating the Mad Money cast and crew

By Mark Lambert
Updated May 13, 2007 04:30 PM

Fridays are on Katie, y’all.

As she shoots her latest movie, Mad Money, in Shreveport, La., Katie Holmes is making sure her fellow cast and crew members – all 200 or so of them – are well fed. For the third consecutive Friday she brought in a special treat.

“We got cupcakes,” one cast member told PEOPLE. “They were good, too.”

Holmes, who is costarring with Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton and Ted Danson in the comedy, started the Friday tradition on April 27, when she treated the set to 300 ice cream cones – a nice break as temperatures climbed into the high 80s.

The next Friday, Holmes arranged for more than 80 pizzas to be flown in from Chicago and baked locally before being delivered to the set.

“It was a lot of pizza,” one fan says. “We had veggie, sausage, pepperoni. It was good pizza.”

Meanwhile husband Tom Cruise and baby Suri have been making their own scene on the set. During one rainy day of filming, he introduced the talking and singing 1-year-old – who appeared “just as happy as could be” – to the cast and crew, telling her to say hi, which she did, a source says. After everyone oohed-and-ahhed over Suri, she waved “bye-bye” to the group as the trio left.

Says the source, “They all truly could not have looked happier. … They were just like any other family in the South.”

• With reporting by Ruth H. Laney