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The Touched with Fire star admits her irrational fears and her penchant for hot pink in this week's One Last Thing

February 12, 2016 11:40 AM

Katie Holmes stars as a poet in the new film Touched with Fire and the 37-year-old actress embraces creativity at home as well. She admits she belts out Ariana Grande when she’s cooking, loves a fierce game of Uno, and a few other things when she chatted with PEOPLE this week.

Last time I sang out loud

Probably in my kitchen. I like to play music while I’m cooking and sing out loud. We turn on Ariana Grande. I still sing even if people are there, much to everyone’s disappointment.

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Last game I played

Uno. I was playing on New Year’s Day with my family, and I think I won four out of 10. We’re totally cutthroat; it’s serious business. I’m not going to lie: I think I put my score on the fridge.

Last irrational fear

Uh, I found a black water bug in my garage, and it scares me to talk about it. It was big. Well, it was big in my mind. I stepped on it multiple times. Like, I hurt my leg.

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