Katie Couric Replacement Game Heats Up

Campbell Brown, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales or Meredith Vieira may star on Today

Stories are again heating up that after 15 years Katie Couric will be vacating her Today show perch, possibly to take up Dan Rather’s former anchor seat in CBS Evening News.

Should she make such a leap, those in line as likely replacements to take her job at NBC are Campbell Brown, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales or Meredith Vieira, the Associated Press reports.

“It’s an unusual situation, bordering on unique, given that Katie is one of the few bona fide superstars in the history of television news. It’s not a routine talent change,” said former CBS News President Andrew Heyward, who stressed he has no inside knowledge about what NBC is thinking.

As for how Couric would fit in the later hour, where she would be playing to a different – and much older – audience, media analyst Andrew Tyndall tells The New York Times: “Katie Couric’s ambition is totally understandable. What is more difficult to understand (is) why CBS would feel that Couric, of all people is the one who is uniquely qualified to do that job.”

Currently, The CBS Evening News is anchored by Bob Schieffer, 69 – who’s 20 years older than Couric, but has helped the network boost its ratings for the newscast.

And because for every action there is a reaction, The Times speculates that should Couric move on, ABC will have the chance to overtake Today‘s ratings stranglehold over Good Morning America, and also allow GMA co-anchor and shining star Diane Sawyer to move to evening, as well.

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